how does it work?

I work telepathically and intuitively using a photo and also incorporate reiki healing into the communications. This allows and can help bring your animal friend into a space of calm, peace and balance. I also work with pendulum and dowsing charts and this can help to ascertain if there are any other behaviour, health issues etc that may not come up in the actual communication.  At all times my main focus is speaking with and understanding what your animal companion has to say in the actual communication and when we come from a place of reverence, respect, understanding and love for them as soul beings we can address any issues form a soul and heart perspective.

How do I book?

Please click on the link below and it will take you to the booking calendar and payment gateway Payfast. You will then be able to either pay via instant EFT or with a debit or credit card.


What do I need to send to tammy before the communication?

  • A photo of your baby showing the eyes and face and with no-one else in the photo emailed to me please in a jpeg format
  • His/Her name, age and breed
  • The names of all family members in the household (human and animal)
  • A message you would like me to give to him (please no longer than 20 lines) and any questions that you may have for him

What will I get out of it?

I like to say upfront that there are no guarantees with the animal communication and very often a lot of the work needs to come from you as the human but what I can promise you is a deeper understanding of your animal companion from their perspective. The animal communication is very often the bridge that brings you even closer and creates a deeper awareness and understanding. It is also a chance to hear any messages that they may have for you.