Intuitive Animal Communication & Life Guidance Counseling

Intuitive Animal Communication & Life Guidance CounselingIntuitive Animal Communication & Life Guidance CounselingIntuitive Animal Communication & Life Guidance Counseling

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Tammy De Oliveira

Welcome to Animal Eyes

As an animal communicator & intuitive reader, I hope to be able to offer you intuitive guidance on your spiritual & life path & to assist you enhance the soul connection & relationship you share with your animal friends. 

Reawaken & rediscover your intuition by listening to the guidance of your soul & that of the animals


Private consultations

Private consultations

Private consultations


A private consultation is an opportunity to have a direct two-way conversation with your animals via Tammy as a translator so you can get questions answered about problems, or anything in general you would like to know about your animal friends. 


Private consultations

Private consultations


Animals have a way of getting into your heart with their unconditional love and support.  Being able to communicate in their language opens the door to deeper relationship with new perspectives. 

human Services

Private consultations

human Services


I will help you to interpret the messages that come through intuitively from your guides, angels & Spirit to offer guidance for whatever situation you may need help with. 

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"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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