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As an animal communicator & intuitive reader, I hope to be able to offer you intuitive guidance on your spiritual & life path & to assist you enhance the soul connection & relationship you share with your animal friends. 

Reawaken & rediscover your intuition by listening to the guidance of your soul & that of the animals

Animal Services

What is intuitive Animal Communication


Intuitive animal communication is the language of the soul. It is an exchange of information, feelings, thoughts and emotions between all sentient beings. Animal communication is a conversation between the spirit and soul of all living beings and can bring about profound understanding, healing and connection. 

When connecting from a place of love, reverence, understanding, empathy and compassion for our animals as sentient soul beings and communicating with on the soul level all things are possible. 

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Consultations - General, Behaviour, Trauma, Spiritual Connection, Relocation & Moving


At all times my main focus is speaking with and understanding what your animal companion has to say in the actual communication and when we come from a place of reverence, respect, understanding and love for them as soul beings we can address any issues form a soul and heart perspective.

 The animal communication is very often the bridge that brings you even closer and creates a deeper awareness and understanding between you and your animal friend.

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Cost: R650 / $55 / £45

PDF Extra: R100 / $8 / £6

Consultations - The Death & Dying Process / Animals that have Crossed Over


Losing our animals to illness, tragedy or other circumstances is never easy and by understanding what they may need or want on that soul level can help to bring great peace and comfort for both you and your animal friend

Animal Communication is a special and beautiful way to bring peace, comfort and very often closure and can help you to heal on many levels. 

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Cost: R650 / $55 / £45

PDF Extra: R100 / $8 / £6

Lost & Missing Animals


When an animal companion goes missing it is heart-wrenching and a time that is often filled with fear, worry and anxiety. 

However it is especially important at this time that you try and remain in a calm and positive space. Your animal companion can still pick up on your energy, thoughts and emotions even when not physically with you.

I know this is easier said than done but any kind of negative energy such as fear or worry can create a barrier to him/her either returning or you finding him/her. 

If you can stay in calm and positive space and imagine a positive outcome, this is the energy that you are then putting out into the universe and the animal communication becomes clearer too. 

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Human Services

Intuitive Life Guidance Session & Readings


 Intuitive Guidance Sessions are done with compassion, empathy and understanding. 

I will help you to interpret the messages that come through intuitively from your guides, angels & Spirit to offer guidance for whatever situation you may need help with. 

I also use the Tarot, Angel & Oracle cards & the pendulum for further insight

These sessions are via phone/Skype/ Zoom and are recorded and a link to this will be sent to you afterwards. 

Cost: R450 / $45 / £35 for 45 minutes

Email Readings


Are you looking for intuitive guidance in love, your career, relationships or just life in general? Email readings are also done with compassion and empathy and together with the Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards, I connect in intuitively to help you to interpret the guidance coming for you.

Email readings are approximately 1200 words in length and are wonderful for you to keep and refer back to when needed. 

Guidance and direction is offered for all areas of life and messages from Spirit, your guides and angels also given. 

Cost:  R450 / $45 / £35

Numerology Readings


 Numerology can trace the portrait of an individual to better understand our motivations and desires. It offers access deep within oneself to better realise your potential and your personal rhythms. 

What characterises a person the most is their name and date of birth. No two people have the same characteristics and we are each unique. The numbers that make up our names and dare of birth can reveal so much in terms of our life path, our destiny, your character, relationships, finances, motivations and gifts. 

This is emailed to you in a PDF format and is between 10-15 pages long

Cost: R450 / $45 / £35

12 Month Energy Forecast


 The 12 month energy forecast looks at what energies will be prevalent for you in the coming 12 months. 

Guidance is offered in how to work with these energies so that you can make right choices and live life to its fullest expression

The 12 month energy forecast is done with the help of the Animal Tarot. The animal for each month reflects the energy that will most likely be active within your life. Its behaviours and attitudes will provide insight into the actions you will find more or less successful during that time. 

Cost: R350 / $35 / £25

Full Package Special


Included in this package is the Numerology, 12 Month Energy Forecast and the 45 minute intuitive guidance session/ reading. 

The Numerology report and 12 Month energy Forecast will be emailed to you in a PDF document and together is between 25-30 pages long. This will be emailed prior to your telephone/skype session so that you have time to go through it and the we can discuss any questions you may have. 

Cost: R850 / $65 / £55

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Starting Wednesday, 27 November

Lost & Missing Animals Online Webinar

Every week from 5:30 pm (GMT +2) - 7pm

Online Webinar

Event Details

Starting Wednesday, 27 November

Lost & Missing Animals Online Webinar

A 4 week interactive webinar where we will look at lost & missing animals from the perspective of the animal, the human & the animal communicator. Reasons why animals go missing, what do do on the practical, emotional & intuitive levels, how to connect with them telepathically & intuitively to get description, get them into calm space & help to guide them home. 

An introduction to pendulum & map dowsing as well as empathic counselling. 

Cost is R1500.00 for all 4 weeks

Every week from 5:30 pm (GMT +2) - 7pm

Online Webinar

15 -20 March 2020

Spirit Essence Dolphin & Elephant Experience & Retreat

Ponta do Oura, Mozambique

Event Details

15 -20 March 2020

Spirit Essence Dolphin & Elephant Experience & Retreat


Immerse your mind, body and soul in 5 days of intuitive healing, awakening, animal communication & connection with the dolphins & elephants. 

Let the dolphins of Ponta re-awaken and ignite your soul and spirit, while the elephants of Maputo re-awaken your awe & wonder of life & love. 

Days will be filled with magical dolphin swims, a trip to the Maputo elephant Reserve, healing meditations & an intuitive animal communication workshop

Let yourself be spoilt, allow your inner child to come out and play and reconnect with the true essence of your spirit, soul, nature & the animals.


Your Retreat Includes:

R11 500.00/ $900 / £800 p/p Sharing or R12 500.00 / $1000 / £900 Single Supplement

  • 5 Nights’ accommodation at the magical Gala-Gala Eco Resort with brunches and dinners included
  • Three magical dolphin swims* with a snorkeling introduction and presentation on the local dolphins
  • A full day trip into the Maputo Elephant Reserve to connect with the Elephants
  • Animal communication workshop, soul time, healing meditations & talks and lots of relaxation and reflection time
  • Border transfers from Kosi Bay Border to Gala Gala Eco Resort (Transfers from Maputo International Airport can also be arranged if you would like to fly directly into Mozambique)
  • Snorkel Gear

Ponta do Oura, Mozambique

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